Gaining Great Patience with the Help of God

Apart from the gift of love, “patience” or “longsuffering” is another great gift of the Holy Spirit.

One thing you’ll notice about life is that it seems set up to move forward at a frightening speed. These days, everyone is in a hurry. Nobody wants to take his or her time or simply patient enough to wait for others. Just look at the people who wait in cure yet still constantly complain. You’ll either see them fidgeting all the time or they give out a temper tantrum once they realize that it’s taking longer than usual.
You’ll find these same people honking their car horns if someone accidentally cuts them off on the highway. Even today, road rage is still a big problem that many of us face.

As Christians, it’s best to remember that our full surrender to Christ means we give God full control on our attitude towards life. This means giving Him the wheel and letting him steer us in the right direction without whining. As a result of this surrender, you’ll notice that God often takes the “scenic way” when working on someone’s life.

We’re so used to running around here and there that we often forget how beautiful our surroundings can be. We never really bother to look, most of the time.

 God wants us to enjoy and learn as we go our way. He doesn’t want us to rush. Christians make the mistake of running ahead of god because they are impatient. We often bungle up God’s plan for us because we want things to happen right away, ahead of God’s timeframe.

It takes a lot of commitment and blind faith but rest assured God has a plan for every second of your life. He never misses a beat and he knows when to give you something, regardless of you asking for it or not.

Below are a couple of scenarios where you might need to exercise your patience and faith as you wait for God’s blessings to come into your life:

a. Finding the right partner or person you want to spend your entire life with
b. Asking God to heal you of a disease or illness
c. Waiting for the right time when God reveals His true calling for your life
d. If you’re laid off, waiting for God to answer your prayers for a new job
e. Waiting for deliverance from a horrible phase in your life

There are only a few examples, you’ll find plenty more. In fact, all of our lives as Christians are in God’s hand. We have to wait on Him and not rush ahead thinking that we know what to do, since most of the time, we don’t. 

In waiting times like these, it’s necessary to keep your cool so you don’t end up frustrated. This is where patience and beliefs come in. God is perfect. He already has a timeline for you and His blessings won’t arrive one-second too late.

The important thing is that on our end, we give our full trust to him. If you need help in this department, go ahead and for help in prayer. Ask God to allow the patience of the Holy Spirit to fill you.

Learning patience takes time and occasionally, we might back track from our steps but don’t be disheartened. All you need to do is keep moving forward, and trust that the Lord is with you at all times.

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